Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Clinic

Clinic of Arrhythmias-Electrophysiology and Pacing

Autoimmune Rheumatic Diseases Clinic

Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Department

3rd Breast Clinic

1st Cardiac Surgery Clinic

2nd Cardiac Surgery Clinic

1st Cardiology Clinic

2nd Cardiology Clinic

3rd Cardiology Clinic

4th Cardiology Clinic

1st Endoscopic Surgery Clinic

2nd Endoscopic & Bariatric Surgery Clinic

Clinic of Endoscopic and Minimally Invasive Surgery of the Spine (MISS)

E.N.T. Clinic, Head and Neck Surgery, Skull Base Surgery

E.N.T. Clinic, Head & Neck Surgery

2nd E.N.T. Clinic, Clinic of Head and Neck Surgery

1st Gastroenterology Clinic

Gastroenterology Clinic of Invasive Endoscopy

2nd Gastroenterology Clinic of Invasive Endoscopy

Gastroenterology Clinic of Invasive and Imaging Endoscopy

Gastroenterology - Hepatology Clinic

Heart Valve Center of Excellence

Hematology Clinic

2nd Hematology Clinic

Hematology - Oncology Clinic

2nd Hematology - Oncology Clinic

1st Internal Medicine Clinic

2nd Internal Medicine Clinic

3rd Internal Medicine Clinic

4th Internal Medicine Clinic

Internal Medicine-Diabetes Clinic

Internal Medicine-Infectious Diseases Clinic

Κnee & Hip Department

Clinic of Laparoscopic Robotics and Minimally Invasive Urology

Male Genito-Urethral Plastic Surgery Unit

Multiple Sclerosis Center and Advanced Neurological Therapeutics

1st Neurology Clinic

2nd Neurology Clinic

2nd Neurosurgery Clinic

3rd Neurosurgery Clinic

4th Neurosurgery Clinic

1st Oncology Department

2nd Oncology Clinic

3rd Oncology Clinic

Ophthalmology Clinic

2nd Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic

3rd Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic

1st Orthopedic Clinic

2nd Orthopedic Clinic, Arthroscopic and Shoulder Surgery

3rd Orthopedic Clinic - Minimally Invasive Surgery Clinic (MIS)

4th Orthopedic Clinic

5th Orthopedic Clinic of daily hospitalization Arthroplasty with digital navigation systems

6th Orthopedic Clinic

7th Orthopedic Clinic

8th Orthopedic Clinic - Clinic of MIS Hip and Knee Arthroplasty

Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Clinic

1st Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Clinic

2nd Pulmonology Clinic

3rd Pulmonology Clinic

Department of Microsurgery for Central Nervous System Disorders

Reconstructive and Microvascular Plastic Surgery Department

Clinic of Robotic Orthopedic Knee and Hip Surgery

1st Sports Injuries Clinic

1st Surgery Clinic

3rd Surgery Clinic

Clinic of Minimal Interventional Digestive Surgery, Obesity and Diabetes

4th Surgery Clinic

5th Surgery Clinic, Colorectal Surgery

6th Surgery Clinic

Αdvanced Laparoscopic, Robotic Surgery and Coloproctology Clinic

Shoulder - Knee Clinic

Surgical Oncology Clinic

Surgical Oncology & Breast Reconstuction Clinic

1st Thoracic Surgery Clinic

1st Urology Clinic

2nd Urology Clinic

4th Urology Clinic

5th Urology Clinic

Reconstructive Urology & Surgical Andrology Clinic

1st Vascular Surgery Clinic

2nd Vascular Surgery Clinic

3rd Vascular Surgery Clinic