Metropolitan General’s headline target is to ensure top quality and ongoing improvement in its healthcare services. This commitment is clearly proved in practice by the ongoing successful international quality certifications and important distinctions.

In the context of its quality policy, Metropolitan General further improves its services through the adoption of the most advanced medical practices worldwide, the provision of continuous staff training and education, and by investing in cutting-edge medical equipment.


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Certification as center of excellence in abdominal wall hernias

Metropolitan General has been certified as a Center of Excellence in the surgical treatment of patients suffering from abdominal wall hernias (“Center of Excellence in Hernia Surgery”) by the greatest global organization in surgical certifications, the Surgical Review Corporation (SRC). This is an extraordinary distinction, according to the highest international standards for highly-specialized healthcare services, a privilege enjoyed by only a few select hospitals worldwide.

Metropolitan General was granted this international certification as a Center of Excellence after strict evaluation of a wide range of parameters, such as the high degree in success and safety in abdominal wall hernias, our state-of-the-art medical-technological equipment, our rigorous application of quality policies and protocols, the experience and the training of our surgeons and the excellent training standards of our nursing staff.

This supreme distinction certifies the high quality and effectiveness in all stages of surgical treatment of our patients: starting from the initial counseling session, diagnosis, the surgical operation by a certified surgeon, hospitalization and the course of postsurgical recovery, including all follow-up examinations to our patients.



Certified to the International Standard ISO 9001

Metropolitan General’s Quality Management System and the high quality of its services were certified again in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001:2015 by the accredited and internationally recognized Certification Body Bureau Veritas.

The new upgraded standard ISO 9001:2015 focuses on the quality of the care offered to patients, while the renewal of the Clinic’s certification extends the initial certification of standard 9001:2008 granted in 2012.

This certification confirms once again Metropolitan General’s unwavering commitment to the continuous optimization of its services and its procedures including the pursuit of the satisfaction of its patients.



Certification according to ISO 22000 – Food Safety Management System (HACCP)

In the end of 2013, the food services of the Clinic received certification according to the ISO 22000:2005 Standard (Food Safety Management System) concerning food Health and Safety.

This Standard focuses on the safety and quality of a food at all stages of the food chain, from production to consumption, based on the fundamental principles of design and development HACCP and CODEX ALIMENTARIUS. Thus, it is the best possible guarantee that the meals offered to our Clinic’s service are of very high-quality specifications.


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Medical Tourism Certification by TEMOS

At the beginning of 2013, Metropolitan General was certified by the international Medical Tourism Certification Body “TEMOS International”, seated in Germany, for the provision of high quality services and state-of-the-art infrastructure. The certification was awarded following the inspection conducted by the “TEMOS” international inspection team.

“TEMOS International”, also represented in our country, focuses on international patient management and certifies patient management and safety procedures based on the observance of optimum practices and conformance with international insurance companies’ requirements, European insurance funds and other involved institutions operating in the greater market of medical tourism and cross-border healthcare.

During all annual inspections conducted by “TEMOS International”, the top quality healthcare services provided by Metropolitan General were confirmed on every occasion.


preferred partner 2020

Metropolitan General listed among “Best Hospitals Worldwide” and “Preferred Partner Hospital” by the Diplomatic Council (DC)

Following the international certifications by TUV Hellas (TUV Nord) and Medical Tourism Certification Body “TEMOS International”, Metropolitan General was created and officially recommended by the Diplomatic Council (DC) as “Best Hospitals Worldwide 2014”. This important distinction was renewed in 2015, when Metropolitan General was included in “Best Hospitals of the World”. Since then, Metropolitan General is annually created as “Preferred Partner Hospital” by the Diplomatic Council.

The Diplomatic Council, seated in Hague, is a global think tank organization, comprising world-renowned members from the areas of diplomacy, politics, industry, arts and sports.

Based on the international certifications according to ISO 9001:2015 and Temos, and its ongoing recognition by global organizations, such as the DC, Metropolitan General ensures top quality healthcare services and ultra-modern infrastructure, while it marks the expansion of its activities into the international market of Medical Tourism.


ΕΣΥΔ 2018

Certification of the Pathoanatomical Laboratory according to ISO 15819

The Pathoanatomical Laboratory at Metropolitan General is certified for its high quality of services and its diagnoses by the National Certification System (Cert. no. 1124) according to the requirements of the international standard ELOT EN ISO 15189:2012. This Laboratory is one of the few private hospital laboratories in Greece to have been granted this international recognition.

The ISO 15189:2012 Certification confirms the technical competence of this Laboratory and the methods and techniques it uses for its guarantee of quality, reliability and speed of results. The Metropolitan General Laboratory is staffed by experienced and thoroughly trained technical personnel, equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology.