Adherence to basic precautionary measures to limit Covid-19 transmission is fundamental in all areas of healthcare facilities.

Please read the latest Guidelines & Regulations from the Ministry of Health on patients scheduled for admission to Hospitals:

  • Patients scheduled for admission must have a negative RT-PCR test result 24 hours before their admission.
  • Patients admitted on a one (1) day ticket, for chemotherapy or radiotherapy, must undergo repeated laboratory testing [PCR every seventy-two (72) hours or rapid antigen test every forty-eight (48) hours], i.e. for each admission day.
  • Patients presenting for an invasive test or for a test that is likely to generate aerosol must have undergone PCR laboratory testing within the last forty-eight (48) hours.
  • Emergency patients undergo a Rapid PCR test within the premises of Metropolitan General and are then admitted after the results come back.
  • Extreme emergency patients undergo Rapid PCR and antigen tests but they are treated immediately to ensure proper patient management, taking high precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Outpatients visiting the Outpatient Department must be fully vaccinated and they must have undergone an antigen test at Metropolitan General or a public healthcare facility.

Patient Escorts

  • Fully vaccinated escorts holding a valid vaccination certificate must undergo an antigen test which will be valid for three (3) calendar days. Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated escorts must undergo PCR testing on the first day of their arrival and an antigen test three (3) days after.
  • Patient escort cards are valid for three days and are renewed upon presentation of new negative test results.
  • Only one escort per patient is allowed. No escort can alternate with another escort. Escorts are not allowed to stay during the night times, except for disabled patients or patients under 18 years old.
  • Escorts should not remain in the corridors while their patients are hospitalised.
  • Patient escorts visiting the Emergency Department (ED) are not permitted to stay within the ED areas, they are also subjected to COVID-19 testing, and they are informed and updated by the attending doctor, keeping a safe distance of at least 2 meters (6.5 feet).
  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory in all areas of the Hospital, especially, in the nursing wards.
  • Use of antiseptic for hand hygiene.
  • Keep a social distance of at least one and a half (1.5) meters (5 feet).

Antigen test results are only accepted if the tests have been performed in one of HHG Group's Hospitals or a public healthcare facility. PCR test results are only accepted if the tests have been performed in a public healthcare facility or an officially recognized molecular testing laboratory.