• Observing the general protection measures (use of alcohol solution/ ventilation of areas etc.) and observing the measure of protective face mask within the hospitalization areas and with any contact with a patient of a Clinic. It is also recommended to use the face mask in the area of the radiology department by the employees and the visitors.
  • Operation of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for all patients, irrespective of their disease from COVID-19. With every transport of a patient to the ICU check for COVID-19 by PCR molecular test.
  • Patients coming to the Clinic for examination either with ordinary appointment or in an emergency (to deal with emergency cases) are not subject to laboratory screening for coronavirus COVID-19.
  • Check by a rapid antigen test to all the patients admitted in the clinic. Upon the presence of symptoms of the respiratory system and in any case it is deemed necessary by the attending physician, due to a possible (feverish, contact with carrier etc.) may be conducted a confirmation check by PCR. For patients that are to be subjected to bronchoscopy or scheduled admission for surgery or some intervention act that requires intubation it is recommended to check by molecular test PCR in less than 48 hours.
  •  The patients being hospitalized beyond the initial check are subjected to check for COVID-19 only with the appearance of symptoms or contact with a positive incident, e.g., an escort
  • All of the outpatients (Hematology, oncology etc.) that are admitted for treatment at the ODC shall subject to a rapid antigen 24-hour test.
  • It is allowed to have the presence of one (1) escort as visitor (short term) per patient. The patient escorts or of patients under treatment, as well as exclusive nurses/ nurses shall apply the rules of the Committee for Hospital Infection (CHI). Check by rapid test to all escorts of patients under treatment and exclusive nurses / nurses per week.
  • A small number of isolation beds is maintained in the Clinic 28 where patients positive to COVID-19 testing are kept.