The Management of Metropolitan General, acknowledging that proper medical diagnosis, healthcare and treatment of patients are not merely achieved solely based on the application of scientific knowledge but also on the simultaneous development of staff-patient relationships of care, is strongly committed to its ongoing effort in responsibly and effectively responding to the needs and expectations of all patients, other customers and interested parties in Metropolitan General.

Within the framework of its constant effort in improving its provided services, Metropolitan General has thoroughly considered, adopted and applied a Quality Management System certified to the International Standard ISO 9001:2015, to ensure the:

  • use and improvement of all necessary technological infrastructure
  • readiness to adopt new techniques and methods in providing medical and nursing care
  • compliance with the legislative and regulatory provisions in force
  • effort in constantly improving the provided services
  • high level of infrastructure
  • highly trained medical, nursing and administrative staff
  • confidentiality and discretion regarding sensitive personal data
  • integration of the Quality Management System requirements into the operational processes of the Clinic
  • application of clinical risk management process, including clinical hazard management
  • risk approach in the detection and addressing of any threats posed or the exploitation of opportunities that may affect the compliance of the provided services, as well as the ability of the Clinic to meet the needs of patients, other customers and interested parties
  • respect to patient rights and self-determination with the patient’s participation in the treatment decision making process, as well as the respect to his/her cultural and religious beliefs
  • abidance to moral values, ethics, code of conduct, quality specifications and requirements in the provision of healthcare services and safety for all domestic and international patients, other customers and interested parties

For the support and effectiveness of the System’s operation, the Management of Metropolitan General undertakes that both quality objectives and this Quality Policy are totally compatible with the operational framework and strategic planning of the Clinic, while it commits itself to the development and maintenance of the excellent infrastructure and high level of human resources, who are encouraged to:

  • actively participate in the operation of the Departments (medical, nursing, auxilliary)
  • adhere to all the requirements of the Quality Management System
  • contribute to the continuous consolidation and improvement of its effectiveness, by providing all means necessary for its ongoing growth.

The staff of the Clinic is obliged to abide by all the resolutions made concerning the realization of the present Quality Policy, based on the available resources and infrastructure provided by the Management of Metropolitan General.

This Quality Policy is regularly and duly updated, notified to the entire staff, and available to all interested parties.