Today, Metropolitan General is a pioneer hospital that does not consider the provision of high-quality healthcare services a luxury, but rather a fundamental obligation to patients. In supporting its vision, it continuously develops its services, partners with highly specialized physicians and features state-of-the-art medical equipment, aspiring to ensure both better health and better life.


Mr. V. Theocharakis, Chairman of Μetropolitan General BOD  

We were the first to recognize the fact that private healthcare services do not constitute a privilege for the few, but a right and a need for a large proportion of the population. For this reason, we have established the right conditions to ensure access to all those who wish to receive private healthcare services.


Mr. D. Spyridis, Vice-chairman and CEO of Μetropolitan General

The role of the citizen in the healthcare sector, either as a healthcare consumer or as a patient, is rapidly changing. The citizen is no longer a passive recipient of medical decisions, but rather a well-informed partner in the treatment process. Medical science offers citizens a wealth of high-technology diagnostic options, innovative treatment methods and data that require reaching difficult decisions. Such decisions affect a patient’s quality of life as well as his/her extended family and social fabric.

As professionals in the field of healthcare, we are called upon to manage such decisions with prudence, seriousness and responsibility. Your positive response prompts us to continuously improve and develop our services.