The Metropolitan General 6th Pathology Clinic is staffed with experienced and trained, specialized doctors, familiar with innovative approaches and modern treatment practices.

Pathologist Giorgos Andreopoulos is the Director of the Pathology clinic, with many years of experience in primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare. His partners are doctors Eirini Iliadi, Pathologist - Infectious Disease Specialist and Paraskevi Kontrafouri, Pathologist specializing in diabetes mellitus.

At the 6th Pathology Clinic, our purpose is to improve our patients’ health, by applying proper clinical practices, compatible with the current scientific data in treatment and prevention. The clinic’s partners’ work on Internal Pathology and its Specialties provides wide coverage, both for hospitalized patients and outpatients.

For this purpose, our Clinic's doctors’ continuous further education is a topmost priority.
The clinic doctors run practices of Internal Pathology, Infections & Diabetes Mellitus treatment.



Georgios Andreopoulos, Internist

Eirini Iliadi, Internist-Infectious Diseases Specialist
Paraskevi Kontrafouri, Internist


Contact Number: +30 210 650 2893