This clinic was established to create a pathway towards modern technology, based on its doctors’ research and applied knowledge.

It is based on modern digital applications, using special protocols for patient studies, planning computer-assisted surgical operations with the use of special software, utilizing robotic surgical systems of digital assistance and performing personalized arthroplasties. These methods ensure meticulous pre-surgical planning and surgeries with high accuracy, limited surgical trauma using minimally invasive practices, reduction of surgery time and possible complications and a high-level end result with long-lasting outcomes.

These outcomes have been achieved through long research experience, both in Greece and abroad, and by internationally acknowledged innovative work in the field of digitally assisted surgery, with international publications starting from the early 1990s. Our clinic has acquired unique experience in research, in the field of personalized arthroplasty for the hip joint, optimization of joint surfaces in total arthroplasties, development of finite elements models to investigate mechanical sufficiency of the various types of hip and knee arthroplasties and building one of the most extensive experience internationally in the surgery of neglected congenital dislocations of the hip and superficial replacement arthroplasty with complete and meticulous biomechanical reconstruction of the joint, using special or customized arthroplasties.

Similar activity has also been performed in surgery, using surgical navigation systems mostly in knee arthroplasties, work beyond the application of this technology and research to develop and optimize these techniques.

Special techniques have been developed, alongside with the use of specialized and innovative materials in treating complications of orthopedics surgeries or dealing with the wear and loosening of arthroplasties.

All our clinic’s professionals are certified surgeons on Robotic Surgery systems, which are the pinnacle of modern Orthopedics.

Our activities include multiple-tier research cooperation and exchange of experience with public and private research centers, including the following: Stuttgart ICA, TWT, TST, Geneve University, Symbios and University clinics in Switzerland and Germany.

Indicatively, our clinical field includes Hip and Knee Arthroplasties, arthroplasty revision surgery, treatment of soft tissue and bones tumors, treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, as well as treatment of infections and any complications of the musculoskeletal system conditions.



Theodoros Xenakis, Orthopedic surgeon, Professor of Orthopedics
Petros Chatzigrigoris FRCS, FACS, Orthopedic surgeon, Professor of Orthopedics & Medical Engineering

Deputy Chiefs:
Nikolaos Kalos, Orthopedic surgeon
Diamantis Mitsiou, Orthopedic surgeon

Panagiotis Lakiotis, Orthopedic surgeon

Kosmas Stafilas, Orthopedic surgeon
Ioannis Vafeiadis, Orthopedic surgeon


Contact Number: +30 210 650 2910