Detailed and fast imaging

Emphasizing on innovation and on modern medico-technological equipment, Metropolitan General has the 4th (last) Generation and High Power 3 Tesla M.R.I. scanner Skyra Magnetom Siemens, using the most advanced programs, which allow the performance of the most specialized and innovative examinations.

It is equipped with ultra-modern software and innovative multichannel coil technology, which realize an image of excellent quality, increased diagnostic accuracy and maximum speed concerning the performance of the examination (up to 40% less examination time).

Specifically, it has the largest number of channels (128 channels) available in Greece for the depiction of head, neck and abdomen (64 channels for head – neck / 60 channels for abdominal imaging / 18 channels for breast imaging), which can be connected simultaneously in order to image the entire body of the patient. In this way, even the full body M.R.I.s are transformed to a routine procedure, whereas different areas of human body can be imaged in a few minutes with only one quick capture, without requiring re-placement of the patient or changing of coils.

The 3 Tesla M.R.I machine Skyra Magnetom has special processing and studying programs, aiming the complete and personalized diagnostic approach of the examinees in fields such as Neurology, Oncology, Angiology, Breast, Orthopedics and Cardiology.

It has a wide opening (70 cm.) and a noise reduction software during the examination, resulting to a greater comfort of the examinee. Also, in a significant number of examinations, the head of the patient is outside the machine, a fact that makes it more friendly.