COVID-19 TEST:  Easily, Quickly and mainly, Safely

Metropolitan General, always in view of providing reliable and top-quality medical services, offers the potential to perform a coronavirus detection test, in an easy, fast and always safe manner.


The interested party (>14 years old) can pre-register online and fill their details in the respective ONLINE PRE-REGISTRATION FORM which is available HERE  in order to minimize waiting time. They could come :

  • Monday to Friday, from 09.00 to 21.00 and Saturday – Sunday from 08.00 to 16.00 to the isobox that is located in front of the Clinic’s Building B. This external space is specifically designed so that it would not be required to enter the facilities.
  • For emergency cases only, Monday to Friday, from 21.00 to 09.00 and Saturday – Sunday from 16.00 to 08.00 from the external side door of the Emergency Department, on the Clinic’s ground floor.

Their personal details are verified, in order of priority, and if they have made an online pre-registration, their details are identified by showing a police ID or declaring their personal details (ID / Passport No., AMKA), while they have the potential make a contactless payment, using the POS machine.

In Metropolitan General are performed all types of coronavirus detection tests : antigen detection test (Rapid test) and PCR molecular detection test.

Samples are obtained from the nasal cavity or the throat, by specialized medical and nursing staff, pursuant to the strictest safety protocols.

Test analyses are performed in the “Alpha Lab” Molecular Biology and Cytogenetics Centre, member of the Hellenic Healthcare Group.

The results are sent by e-mail to the electronic address that was provided during the pre-registration process, in an encrypted format, in order to ensure privacy and usually, within 24 hours.

Contact number: +30 210 650 2550, +30 210 6502000