ROSA: Robot-Assisted System for Knee Arthroplasty


Metropolitan General has the state-of-the-art ROSA robot-assisted orthopedic surgery system (ZIMMER - BIOMET, USA). The ROSA System includes a highly accurate and adaptable software as well as a multi-motion robotic arm that identifies the precise location where surgical manipulations should be carried out, allowing for the maximum level of precision when placing knee arthroplasties.

The artificial joint is implanted based on the anthropometric characteristics of each patient individually, thus delivering an excellent postoperative outcome and longer life of implants. In addition, real-time monitoring of patient anatomic data through special software provides the surgeon with the appropriate feedback control, while, at the same time, it helps achieve individualized adjustment based on each patient's needs.

The ROSA Robot-Assisted System ensures high-precision surgical technique to minimize complications and accelerate postoperative recovery.