New generation angiography – neuroradiology low dose system

Metropolitan General is the only treatment center in Greece featuring the Philips Azurion 7 Biplane assembly, an ultramodern digital angiography-neuroradiology system equipped with pioneering technology for the minimization of radiation and top quality in imaging.

This angiographic system opens up new horizons in interventional radiology and interventional neuroradiology, offering the possibility for innovative procedures and treatments with the best possible safety for patients.

In particular, this system has the following advantages:

  • Pioneering Clarity IQ technology that significantly reduces radiation doses by up to 80%.
  • Imaging on two levels (biplane) with two detectors for top image quality.
  • Modern applications that allow the performance of a wide range of clinical procedures, even the most specialized and demanding medical actions.
  • Interactive interface (Intuitive User interface): This reduces total examination time by 20%.
  • 3D vascular mapping techniques (3D Roadmap) offering greater safety especially in difficult interventional procedures.
  • 3D navigation system applying the Xper Guide technique for biopsies and treatment procedures in real time.
  • Xper CT Dual technique producing CT scan images.
  • Xper CT Open and Closed program for tumor imaging in the entirety of the liver, even on its margins.
  • Specialized 2D Perfusion application of chromatic vascular and tissue hematosis detecting any hematosis disorders.
  • Brain vessel imaging program in extremely high resolution for greater precision in central nervous system operations.
  • Aneurysm Flow program making possible the assessment of blood flow both prior and after intravascular aneurysm rehabilitation.
  • The automatic diagnosis and imaging Bolus Chase program for peripheral vessel diagnosis and treatment for peripheral vessel imaging through reduced injection of contrast medium.