Advanced technology lithotripsy

The Lithotripsy Unit at Metropolitan General offers the latest technology lithotripsy unit made by Dornier, the pioneering company in this field. This system removes kidney, ureter and bladder stones with the utmost precision.

The detection of a stone may be done through radioscopy (C-Arm radioscopy system), through ultrasonography or through a combination of the above. Based on the compactness and the position of the stone, the frequency and the energy of the shock waves are accordingly adjusted.

Its effectiveness may attain a success rate of up to 90%, since the shock bundle is directly focused on the stone. Based on this device’s innovative technology, the energy concentrated on the stone is increased, so that its dissolution may be more effective. Thus, stone breakdown and fragmentation may reduce object size so it may pass in urine, without affecting surrounding tissues.

Patients may be monitored on a screen throughout the entire course of lithotripsy.

The examination table is ergonomically designed so that patient positioning may be optimal for the best possible outcome. At the same time, the use of audiovisual media (radio, TV) offers the most comfortable conditions to our patient throughout treatment.

Stone breakdown and fragmentation are attained in this device painlessly, with no surgical operation, no anesthesia, in merely 30 to 40 minutes.