State of the art 3 tesla MRI Scanner

Metropolitan General has the state-of-the-art, fourth generation, high performance magnetic resonance imaging scanner 3 Tesla Skyra Magnetom Siemens, equipped with the most advanced programs allowing the performance of the most specialized and innovative controls.

The 3 Tesla MRI Scanner features the advanced multiple channel coil software and technology, which attains exceptional imaging and top speed in the conduct of examinations (up to 40% shorter sessions).

In particular, it has the greatest number of channels available now in Greece for the imaging of the head, the neck and the abdomen (64 channels for head and neck, 60 channels for abdomen imaging, 18 channels for breast imaging). All these may be simultaneously interconnected for full-body imaging. Thus, full-body imaging has now become a routine practice, while various body areas may be imaged within a few minutes, without repositioning of the patient or any change in coils.

Furthermore, this array has special programs for processing and studies, aiming at the fullest and most personalized diagnostic approach possible for patients in a variety of fields, such as neurology, oncology, angiology, breast examination, orthopedics and cardiology.

The 3 Tesla Skyra Magnetom MRI Scanner has a wider tube opening and noise reduction software, resulting in greatest comfort for the patient controlled. Indeed, in a significant number of controls the patient’s head remains outside the scanner tube, making this equipment much friendlier than others.