Da Vinci Xi: The most advanced robotic system

Metropolitan General features the top technological development in the field of robotic surgery, the Da Vinci XI robotic surgery system. This system offers the capability to surgeons to perform complex surgical operations with exceptional precision and safety in the least interventional manner.
Specifically, the Da Vinci XI offers:

  • The highest quality available in surgical field imaging (Crystal Clear) with an option to select four zoom positions.
  • Pioneering technology in dual image synchronization to secure excellent focusing capabilities (focus-free technology), the elimination of any image opaqueness and the attainment of maximum precision in chromatic balance.
  • The surgical arms have an increased flexibility in comparison with older models, thus giving the surgeons the ability to conduct complex operations, without the need to perform additional access incisions on the patient’s skin.
  • Newest technology surgical devices that make possible for surgeons to conduct surgical operations with safety and absolute precision.

Through specific control procedures set forth by the Metropolitan General management, the operation of the Da Vinci system may solely be performed by certified robotic surgeons, supported by a specially trained team (assistants, technicians, etc).