Metropolitan General steadily maintains its interest and respect to man and human values, society and environment. This is reflected both in its daily mode of operation and business planning, through the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

In particular, Metropolitan General, with a sense of social offer and awareness, ensures to provide:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility actions to financially support NGOs
  • Free of charge surgical procedures and screening tests to vulnerable social groups
  • Free of charge or specially priced tests and financial support to institutions, associations, neighboring Municipalities and sports clubs
  • Privileged pricing on screening tests to mark world health days
  • Healthcare services and sponsorships at events
  • Informative speeches and study days held in Municipalities-Communities, aimed at promoting good health in citizens, educating in early prevention and disease diagnosis and, in general, raising awareness in health issues.

Metropolitan General: “Cocooned in safety!”

Metropolitan General provides an excellent level of healthcare to patients, by continuously improving its services, adopting the most advanced medical practices worldwide, providing continuous training and education to its medical, nursing and administrative staff, and investing in cutting-edge medical equipment.

In addition, following the approval of the Scientific Board, it participates in research medical programs, aimed at developing new scientific methods and medical techniques that will contribute to timely diagnosis and treatment of patients.